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Please provide a work around to overcome the salesforce limitation of 500 mass email limit in enterprise edition.


Note: Our project has a constrain - not to use any app exchange tool for this.



  • September 06, 2013
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I can't find this anywhere in the documentation or in the forums. What is the organization daily limit for SingleEmailMessages. I imagine it's different for each of the different organization type so what is the limit for each organization?


Also if I send an email to a lead with 2 bcc emails in it, does that count as 3 emails towards the daily limit, even if one of my users has the same email as is set in the bcc?



  • September 15, 2010
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We all have a limit to send email from Salesforce.com, i.e 500 emails for Enterprise Edition.

Here my query is, is this only for mass emails or counted for single email sent from “Send An Email” from Contact /other objects?
What about workflow email alerts – this is also countable against the per day limit.?

Please clarify.