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Is there any way to create a formula field to Rollup summarize from other formula? Nowadays apparently to solve it we need to create a stored field on object, do a workflow rule and after all, create a rollup sommarize field over this field. Or simply do a trigger ( ugly option).
Is there a way to restrict editing the other case fields when a Case is in "closed" status; meaining you would have to reopen the Case to be able to edit the other Case fields??

Any help would be much appreciated.
  • August 13, 2014
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I'm trying to build a workflow rule on an Account level that runs whenever a Account field goes from being checked (1) to unchecked (0). When this happens I want to check another Account field and then 90 days later uncheck that same field.

All the formulas I've tried to use so far can only work with the evaluation criteria is set to "created, and every time it’s edited", which unfortunately does not allow time-dependant workflow actions.

Is there any workaround for this?
  • August 13, 2014
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Hi, we have a custom object, we use workflow rule to set Name field to be the first name +' ' + last name. So I don't want to display this field in the page layout. But it appears name field is standard field and required. so has to be in the layout. Is there a way to avoid this?
Hello! I wanted to export my entire lead database into excel in order to make revisions within fields (easier than one by one editing leads). I need to change contact name into first and last; Mutiple email addresses in one field into separate fields, etc. My issue is once I import those leads that have been cleaned up back into SF, how do I avoid every lead having a duplicate? I just want the revised leads to remain. Thank you!

Hello Everybody ,

We have written a workflow rule on Lead Object  on created in our LMO org , the Email Alert as the action. We are using VF template in the Email alert.when a lead is created for Demos / Test Drives email is firing  fine by  populating all the data, but when a lead record is created for package Installation i.e; when Leadsource is "package Installation" email if triggered but without populating the data of merge Fields only Lead Name and Company are about to view . Email ,phone other formula fields are not populated with data in the email template .

Kindy share your views to me ,
  • August 12, 2014
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(beyond the Drawloop tools we're already using). In particular, we need Browser plug-ins, Cloud-based, or Server-side options (not Client Apps like Acrobat). The Drawloop solution can data tag PDF's (using the Drawloop DDP tool) but has no end-user editor UI for our Users to review and manually edit the document/form being completed, so we need something with a simple User UI that doesn't need to be deployed on the client device.


Hi All,


I'm trying to create a Sales Rep Scorecard to report to calculate the % of a reps activities that are meetings vs. calls (of total activities).  I've created a matriix report with summary rows showing Toal activities and sub-rows showing total number of calls and total number of meetings but can't figure out how to divide #meetings by #total activities per saes rep.  I've been trying to use PARENTGROUPVAL and PREVGROUPVAL divided by "RowCount" but no luck in referencing the right values.


Thanks in advance.



Ok, so the end goal I have is a chart showing the % changes from a start position over time from a starting position so:

Jan 1st    800    

Jan 2nd   837  +4.6%

Jan 3rd    783  -2.1%

Jan 4th    845  +5.6%

Jan 5th    847  +5.9%  ... and so forth


I could then plot these values cumulatively to show the %change from the original value over time


The problem is that the PREVGROUPVAL only allows you to look 12 steps back which is great for month by month summaries but I was wanting a lot more than that so that I could do a day by day movement and chart it on a rolling 90-day basis.  If these weren't percentages, you could just use the day-to-day change and plot them cumulatively but I'd rather show the percentages so that I can compare equally between people. That means I need to be able to reference the earliest row in the summary report


I was sort of thinking you could do it by seperating the first row off with a TRUE/FALSE field and then bringing the previous Parent function into the formula but I don't think you can do that sort of formula-based split in the reports (I can't see Date as a summary field to use in a formula).  I could set it to update as an APEX job schduled to run each day but I'd rather check whether I can do it in the report via formulas before I set off on that route unnecessarily?

Why am I not able to see Currency sign(CurrencyIsoCode) on Opportunity Amount field to my mobile while I can see that inside salesforce.com?