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Hi, is there any custom coding that can remove "on behalf of user@yourdomain.com" from the Salesforce alerts and reports email headers? Our email gateway blocks all emails that says mydomain.com generated from other domains. Salesforce admin settings cannot change this and couldnt find a feasible solution.  
My email administrator currently has set up some forwarding rules on our Exchange to allow Salesforce emails to be sent and received however due to recent tigher security controls with external email we now need to be able to enable Salesforce to send all email through our Authenticated SMTP server. This will mean all emails will be authenticated and will pass all basic checks. It would also mean that we can remove all of the bypass rules that have been put in-place for incoming emails from Salesforce.
Recently we have had occurrences whereby all the forwarding rules we have set up is blocking mail through our mail gateway from Salesforce as we do not have send from source or not.
For the external rules sending all email through our Authenticated SMTP server might be a way we can bypass having to setup all this forwarding, either by Salesforce checking an internal account, or by allowing the forwarding via Mimecast.
Is Email Relay Activation the way forward?
Can anyone help?
Many thanks

I am trying to deploy one class which has implemented Schedulable interface.

But when I try to deploy it using ANT I am getting the following error :

"Schedulable class has jobs pending or in progress".


I am waiting for this to get resolved since more than 48 hrs and it doesn't seem to resolve.

What can be done in such case? How to deploy it to production? I tried to deploy by making packages but could not since the components in the package already exist in production and gives an error when I unzip the package. Please suggest what can be done in this situation.

  • March 26, 2010
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