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We use Approval Workflows and have email response enabled. It works fine. But I want to send a reminder if the approver hasn't approved or rejected after 48 hrs. When I send an email to the approver - from my personal email address - they reply to that with the "approve". So this doesn't work. (it needs to be going to Email Approval something.something@wrkfl.salesforce.com)

Is there any way to create that reply-to address (something.something@wrkl.salesforce.com) so I can set the reply-to address as that, and the users can actually reply to the reminder email. 

Hi all, my company has created a cloud flow embedded in a visualforce page that we use to capture employee clock in and clock outs. The flow is working great with the exception of employees having to use the mouse to manually click on the Next Button to pass between flow pages. This can take more time than we would like as for some projects he have to clock in perhaps 70 people within 10 minute time spans.


To solve this I would like to use the enter key to press the Next button. How can this be done?


I'm assuming this is simple javascript code placed in the visualforce page alongside the embedded flow, but to start with I have no idea how to locate the ID of the "Next" button.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Thank you.




Good Morning,


I am have a issue with setting date in a variable field to be 30 days in the future. When setting up a date in salesforce I need to have the flow choose a date 30 days in the future and update the custom object. The object is a managed field and i cannot update the default value of the object so it must be done in the flow.


The frustrating part is that the flow only gives you the option for {!$Flow.CurrentDate}.  in Sales force it would be easy with today() + 30. in other applications I would have some form of DATEADD.  


does anyone know how I can accomplish to set the date 30 days in the future? I am not a developer but an analyst building a flow.


Thank you