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Has anyone successfully connected to an Oracle database via External Data Sources?  We have all of the connection parameters (server, port, SID, Server Name, user name, password), and have successfully connected our Oracle database to other platforms.  But so far, all attempts to create an External Data Source in Salesforce have been spectacularly unsuccessful.  Is there a server-side service that needs to be running to make this work?  Also, can anyone provide me an example of the External Data Source URL for connecting to Oracle?  Or even better, a full screenshot of the external data source entries on a working Oracle connection.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Salesforce launched Lighting Connect by which can intergrate with exteal data source like SAP, DB etc. Does Salesforce itself provide external data source service? Or i can only use lighting connect by adopting third partners like Mulesoft, Progress Software, TIBCO...?




Is it possible to integrate Salesforce with IBM DB2. I have already provided the option of CAST IRON Cloud integration and Apatar Oper Source Appexchange Component. But my client is not happy with it. Is there any other way to implement the integration? Is it possible to do this by API calls?


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