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I'm using the <input type="file" accept="image/*" capture="camera"/> tag in a custom VF page publisher action. When choosing to take photo or select an existing photo option, the publisher action gets dismissed. When I reopen my custom publisher action, it opens with the publisher action header overlayed on top of a blacked out camera view. (It seems like the camera crashes and I can't return to my VF page unless I end the Salesforce1 process on my phone)

I tested this out on a visualforce page tab in Salesforce1 and it works as it should, so it's something specific to publisher actions and using the iPhone camera. This functionality is already working in the file publisher action, so I want to say that the publisher isn't subscribed to a camera event, but I can't find any event in publisher.js that is related to camera events. 

This is iPhone specific since I tested it out on the iPad and it works as it should. (Running iOS 8.3 on iPhone and iPad)