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I need to create a web-to-custom object form. I am looking for help on creating this form for our "Employee" custom object. I need to have on the form create a new employee records with the ability to populate the following fields:

- Employee Name
- Owner needs to auto-populate to User "Bob Smith" or ID: 005i00000025r1T 
- Record Type needs to auto-populate to "Recruit" or 012i0000000xjCS
- Address (Address__c) = Text 100
- City (City__c) = Text(100)
- State (State__c) = Text(2)
- Zip (Zip__c) = Text(100)
- Personal Email (Personal_Email__c) = Email
- Phone (Phone__c) = Phone

Also, is it possible to create a place in the form that will allow for the attaching of a resume that would go to the Notes & Attachments section of the object?



Is there a way to create a custom Web To Lead Form using a custom object?

I am not talking about LEADS object.

We have a custom object called - Candidates. I want the data send from Web Form (Careers section) should be send directly into Candidates Custom object.

The Web Form, is PHP based.

What do I need to provide our PHP Developers, so they can program the Web form in such a way, that the data is send over to the Candidates object, instead of LEADS object?




I'm hope to create a web from where clients can enter information...this info is then sent back to our org and populated w/in custom objects. Needs to be secured....Would Site.com or Force.com Sites do that? Very simaler to Web to Lead (BUT SECURED). I would Just Like to start off on the right foot! 


  • September 11, 2013
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can we implement web-to-lead concept on other object,


Like  web-to-Account, web-to-Contact  and web-to-Custom object......??????


please help me.....


  • July 28, 2013
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The server (through Webhook API) makes a HTTP POST request to my URL ( I can only set the URL on server ) with POST parameters whenever an event occours on the server side. I want to insert a record on custom object, reading POST Parameters.


Can someone explain What I need to do..


-Do i need to make a Public Web Service in Salesforce

-Does Anyone have a better idea.

We have the Web-2-Lead & Web-2-Case both functionalities for th Lead and case object. The same i would like to acheive for the custom object. To do that have to do custom development  i know that part.


What are the steps have to follow and by using which concepts we can achieve this. Please any one can give ideas on this functionality

  • January 15, 2013
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Like Web to Lead,

Is to possible to save the records from Web to any of the custom objects ?


  • December 20, 2011
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