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Would love some input on this need: Here are the business processes - two different Opportunity processes  that meet up at the end of each process.  Both processes look like opportunity stages, but the two processes start in different parts of the organization and meet up as follows 

1.  "Job Creation Process" Sales team goes out and prospects local businesses who are willing to hire the organization's special needs cients (aka Job Seekers).  When they go to ABC Corp, they would open an SF placement Opportunity and run it through a fairly typical sales processes; a) prospecting, b) initial meeting, c) needs evaluation, d) placement/job identified, e) job opened for applicants (this is kind of "won" but not closed until the open placement is filled), f) job filled (at this point the Placement Opportunity is effectively Closed Won) or at any point g) placement opportunity lost, if the employer decides not ...in the meantime back at the office,

2. "Job Seeker onboarding process" Special needs clients (aka Job Seekers) are referred for employment services - ie the organization will try to place them into job openings created in 1. above.  The client goes through a series of stages with the organization that also look like opportunity stages to me: a) apply for services (at which point they have an open opportunity), b) starts/completes a skills assessment,  c) go through matching and interview process with open jobs  (from 1. above).

3.  Where there is a fit (say Jo Smith is a perfect fit for ABC Corp Job1), the person is placed in the job.    At this point I think I want both 1. & 2. above closed Won for reporting purposes - the Employer has created a job opening that has resulted in successful placement, the job seeker has been successfully placed.  This is a metric of the organization's success.

But now I need to track that active job situation:  who's employed where, what rate they are employed at, scheduled hours per week, the assigned job coach, the supervisor, when the employee is terminated & why.

Then potentially that employee could leave that position, and the position still be open for a replacement job-seeker, or things might go well and the employer expand the program, create more jobs and hire more job-seekers

for 1. It is important to be able to track the pipeline for both processes - how many Employers are in which stage, how long it took to take them from stage to stage, and what available open job placements there are available.

for 2. it is important to track where clients are in the onboarding processes, how long it takes them to move from stage to stage, how many we have at each stage etc.

for 3.  this is an open-ended situation - an employer hiring an employee - that placement could be active for years.

I'm open to any and all suggestions for designing this to be sustainable, reportable and logical for end-users

Thanks in advance!
Hi there -- I'm working on the "Chatter Basics" module (total newbie here) on the "Approving Records from the Feed" trail and keep getting the following error message: 

Trailhead -- Chatter error message

["There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.DmlException: Process failed. First exception on row 0; first error: NO_APPLICABLE_PROCESS, No applicable approval]

How do I make sure that the Case standard object has Chatter feed tracking turned on? I'm thinking this is the issue...

Thanks for your help! 
I am also receiving this error and it appears there is no fix.