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# Language: Spanish
Language code: es
Type: Bilingual


CustomField.Account.Active.FieldLabel    Active    activo    -
CustomField.Account.age.FieldLabel    age    años    -
PicklistValue.Standard.accountRating.Cold    Cold    frío    -
PicklistValue.Standard.accountRating.Hot    Hot    Caliente    -
PicklistValue.Standard.accountRating.Warm    Warm    calentar    -
PicklistValue.Standard.industry.Banking    Banking    Bancario    -
PicklistValue.Standard.leadSource.Other    Other    ewrqre    -
PicklistValue.Standard.leadSource.Partner Referral    Partner Referral    fdsfjkdhfjk    -
PicklistValue.Standard.leadSource.Phone Inquiry    Phone Inquiry    consulta por teléfono    -
ValidationFormula.Account.amount    AnnualRevenue must be below 100    anual debe ser inferior a 100    -
I want certain fields to be visible to some users, I tried using the permissions set, assigned those fields and then added users. But it seems like they are visible to everyone not just the user in the permission sets. How do I change it? 

Also, the notes object that is supposed to go at the bottom of the layout page of any object is missing from the layout, how can I add it if not in the related lists when I edit the layout for that object? 
I have a developer acct and I have my first client which has a nonprofit edition. The client has provided my email access.  But when I log into salesforce I am in my developer org.  Do I have to set up another account in order to log into my Clients Org