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Hi everyone, I've been working on the Module of Lightning Components Basics and I can't make the last challenge works. Anybody knows any way to restore the code of Lightning Components and Apex classes to a previous version?





I am using Force.com IDE to develop an application. I am connected to a Developer org.


I I delete an Apex class in IDE, and then sychronize the project with the server, the following message pops up:


"Change is incoming. Are you sure you want to overide the incoming addition and apply local deletion to the server?"


I respond with "yes".


Force.com IDE proceeds with processing and refreshes the sychronize view. The class is still there and has NOT been deleted from the server.


Is this the normal result from this processing? Can I delete a class from the server via the Force.com IDE? And, further, I cannot find any document that describes this behaviour.


Any help is really appreciated!!





I'm working on the "Reports & Dashboards" > "Sharing and Notifications" module of the admin beginner trail.  I'm stuck at this step because the hover menu they reference isn't available:  "Hover over a component to display the Hover menu icon for dashboard components menu."

I did go to Reports and Dashboard Settings and select the "Enable Dashboard Component Snapshots" checkbox, and clicked Save.

Any ideas?

I am using a Mydomain enabled dev org on gs0 (Winter 16) and going throught the exercise in Trailhead. 

Follwed every step and when i click on Preview it takes me to my app (looks right) - https://skypeforbiz-dev-ed.lightning.force.com/c/Sfb.app

But it errors out with -

Lightning components require My Domain. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

Any idea what I might be missing? My org is defenitely provisioned with MyDomin.