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I'm getting errors trying to install a custom unmanaged package from one org into a blank business org, and I'm getting this error:

"You cannot change data type due to the following reason.
__MISSING LABEL__ PropertyFile - val CustomFieldChangeTypeException_desc not found in section Exception"

However, I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am receiving this error. I can deduce that the package is trying to change a custom field's data type, but I cannot think of a reason why. The receiving org for this package contains no pre-existing custom fields at all, so this package cannot be changing the type of a pre-existing field in the org. In addition, I even attempted to upload it into a different dev org and recieved the same error, so it seems that the issue is with the package itself, not org compatibility.

The only situation I can imagine is that the package is somehow trying to change the data type of one of its own fields, but I cannot imagine why this would be so. Any input on what might be happening here and how to identify the component(s) causing the error would be greatly appreciated.
Hello friends,

i'm trying to upload a single file to chatter in a sandbox and I get the following error:
__MISSING LABEL__ PropertyFile - val CollabGroupDuplicateNameException_desc not found in section Exception

does anyone knows what I have to enable/disable to make the upload work again?