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Here the link https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/appdetail/test/keys?appId=djQuMTo6OGQzYmJlYTI3Yg:28b7be2d-c664-4ac0-ad2c-562815330815
in which i created connected app as a third party, i am not getting how can i get Authorization code for access token?
Hi All,

I need to export salesforce objects data in to Mysql database on nightly basis.

I want to run a cron job on php server once in a day and export custom object data from salesforce using curl.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Currently i am using data loader for data import manually.
I have a requirement like to schedule data import nightly basis.So i  am trying to intigrate sqlserver with salesforce.is there any open source tools for intigration and schedule? Please give me suggestion ..
Hello Experts,

Here i walk through some research and got to know is salesforce does not support direct FTP to get the file from external system, is there any code to get that .csv file from external system to salesforce (because i need sync that file for insert data to my salesforce and schedule it as well)..

have you guys any sample code and or flow to get this done ?

  • October 26, 2016
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I'm connecting to a .Net framework via OData 4.0 connector.The connection has been created and sync'd successfully showing all fields that are in the metadata. However when I navigate to the external object or try to SOQL query it I get 
External Object Error
Could not deserialize feed: 

It seems salesforce is expecting the data in a way that the oData connector is not sending. I have access to the oData connector. How should the data be getting sent?
What is the best way to troublshoot this?
Hello Guys, 
I am looking the ways to integrate SF with QuickBooks solutions. Appreciate if you could share your experience or documents using third party app or customisation.

Thank you. 
  • September 12, 2015
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We wish to know about some tool that facilitates automatic data import/export between SFDC database and SQL database on a button click. Please let us know of any such tool available.
Hi all,
      I'm trying to integrate odata with salesforce. I've provided by sample request urls. I don't have endpoint url/server url. I want to see whether odata api calls from salesforce working or not. So that i can give ademo on how & wt is the functionality of Odata.

So my question is, Is it going to be possible to try odata api call in salesforce with taking some sample server and request url?
If there is anyway. Could you please post it. 

Currently we are using Salesforce Professional Edition, How to Insert / Update / Export the data from Salesforce apart from Dataloader.io

Thanks & Regards,
Rajesh Potnuru

I am very new to Saleforce integration . I want to bring in data from Web Based Third party system into salesforce . Volume of Data is big  .Data is in form of CSV file which needs to loaded back and forth from that application . Currently some scripts written by our org are doing so but it is ceating too many duplicates . I need some kind of ETL process , I guess . It is done async . Want to know what approach should we adopt . What are my options . I have just taken over this system . Any views on TAlend ?



I am new to force.com and want to practice SOQL queries . how to do that. Any editor?



i have installed SQL Server 2005  and visual web developer express 2005 .i want to get data from SQL say one table account-accountname and address  into salesforce.How we can connect sqL server to salesforce.Is it possible.Give me  a solution asap

  • January 28, 2011
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 Hi all,

we have developed a web application using spring framework with MySQL5.0.

Now, we are in the process to make this application to be multitenant using salesforce.

Especially my part in this process is to Integrate MySQL Database to Salesforce Application.

I need suggestion to move forward with this process.

Waiting for your valuable response.




We have an application written in Delphi 7 that we want to integrate with SalesForce in the Support area. I was able to import the SF WSDL (with a bit of patching), Log in and log out OK. However, when I try to work with QueryResults, the generated interface code in Delphi doesn't appear to be correct, and I don't know how to fix it.

So my big question is whether anyone has done work in Delphi before successfully.

The particular problem I'm wrestling with now is with retrieving query results. The generated Delphi code follows below at the end.

From the C# sample code, I see that the QueryResult.records property should be an array, but in the imported WSDL it isn't. Later versions off Delphi do a better job on the WSDL, but don't resolve this problem.


Imported WSDL interface:

  QueryResult = class(TRemotable)
    Fdone: Boolean;
    FqueryLocator: QueryLocator;
    Frecords: sObject;
    Fsize: Integer;
    destructor Destroy; override;
    property done: Boolean read Fdone write Fdone;
    property queryLocator: QueryLocator read FqueryLocator write FqueryLocator;
    property records: sObject read Frecords write Frecords;
    property size: Integer read Fsize write Fsize;

  sObject = class(TRemotable)
    FfieldsToNull: WideString;
    FId: ID2;
    property fieldsToNull: WideString read FfieldsToNull write FfieldsToNull;
    property Id: ID2 read FId write FId;

Hi there,

We would like to run a local copy of the database to extend our report capabilities. Does Salesforce support any means of data replication?

We have MS SQL Server running locally. We would like to replicate the data to this server.

Thank you in advance.