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I was trying to activate a new process (using the process builder), but it kept failing - even though it worked in the sandbox. When I de-activated another process, I was able to successfully activate the original process in question.

Which leads me to my question ... Is there a limit to the number of active processes I can have in the Process Builder?

Thanks in advance!
It appears a change was made by salesforce to the repsonse message to a bulkapi query request when the result is zero rows.

Previously, the response contained the headings row and nothing else.  After the change, the response is zero bytes long (i.e. there is no row of headings).

Is this a bug or a permamnent change in behavior?


We are using ruby gem https://github.com/jorgevaldivia/salesforce_bulk to with with Salesforce Bulk API. Previously querying unexisting data returned string 'Records not found for this query', currently it doesn't return anything. This causes gem errors.

Please tell me, why this change happened?
What bahaviour should we expect from Salesforce Bulk API in future?
I have a controlling picklist and a dependant picklist on tasks (task type and hours required depending on the task).
I set the required hours to certain specified values, but i would like the users to also be able to inser the value manually if they so desire: basically keeping the picklist values but without enforcing them: giving the user the option to set their own value.
Is there a way to do it?