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Hi Team

I want to make a phone number (Standard filed) as hyperlink, this hyper link will fire the javascript function..please give solution

Im trying to solve a problem for days please help. I would like to make my phone numbers on that contact page "clickable". When someone click on the number it should go to a link:

tel://contact.mobile number

(We use Cisco Jabber,any number in the browser typed in the format tel:// will be dilalled.)

Im tired with the HYPERLINK funkcton but i still cant. Anibody have any idea how to solve this?
Hi Team

I want to make a phone number (Standard filed) as hyperlink, this hyper link will fire the javascript function..please give solution
Scenarios to use batch apex and best practices in using batch apex?
-------->I have 10000 records in account /any other object how can i split them into batches in batch apex ,and how many batches is possible to do like that.. in that total how many times should batch apex methods invoked(i mean start, execute and stop methds)?
My org presently uses OpenCTI and a Call Center.  According to the release notes, Call Centers are not supported in Lightning, and indeed, the Call Center functionality disappears from Setup when Lightning is enabled.  This makes sense, because it is unclear how or where an OpenCTI softphone would appear in the Lighting UI.

But, what is the plan for supporting soft phones / OpenCTI / Call Centers and Lightning in the same org?

It looks like we either give up our softphone functionality or enable Lightning, but not both...thats an upgrade blocker!
Apparently OpenCTI not supported on the new lightning experience. Is there any timeframe for when this will be available? I can only assume that other CTI vendors and customers are asking the same question as well.

Is it possible to prevent duplicates using dataloader ,if it is possible then how can we prevent duplicates using Dataloader.... Please help me any body...?

I am using Force.com IDE with Eclise 3.6.  How to Run Visual force Page coding in the Eclipse. Where can I see my Page Output.


Consider I developed an Visual force Page for my organisation. I want that same Visual force page for other Organisation. How to port that Application to that organisation.(It is like changing .exe files from system to system).


Then How to deploy that Application in AppExchange........


Plz clear my Basic doubts....Then only I can go to developement......In Force.com Tutorials they give Codings for Visual force page....but didn't say How to  Edit coding, Run that coding in Eclipse IDE....Plz Help...............




 i m trying to create a custom field in to standard object  but it is creating in to standard fields  not in custom field.

 and second thing i m not able to create field type  exept Text and AutoNumber.   this is the code that i m using.



// create a new custom object
                String objectName = "Test4";
                String displayName = "Test4 Object";
                CustomObject co = new CustomObject();
                co.setDescription("Created by gaurav using the Metadata API");
                // create the text id field
                String custom ="Test";
                CustomField field = new CustomField();
                field.setDescription("The Gaurav");
                // add the field to the custom object

 try {
                  // submit the custom object to salesforce
                  AsyncResult[] ars = metadataConnection.create(new CustomObject[] { co });
                  if (ars == null) {
                      System.out.println("The object was not created successfully");
                  String createdObjectId = ars[0].getId();
                  String[] ids = new String[] {createdObjectId};
                  boolean done = false;
                  long waitTimeMilliSecs = 1000;
                  AsyncResult[] arsStatus = null;
               * After the create() call completes, we must poll the results
               * of the checkStatus() call until it indicates that the create
               * operation is completed.
                  while (!done) {
                      arsStatus = metadataConnection.checkStatus(ids);
                      if (arsStatus == null) {
                          System.out.println("The object status cannot be retrieved");
                      done = arsStatus[0].isDone();
                      if (arsStatus[0].getStatusCode() != null )  {
                          System.out.println("Error status code: "+arsStatus[0].getStatusCode());
                          System.out.println("Error message: "+arsStatus[0].getMessage());
                      // double the wait time for the next iteration
                      waitTimeMilliSecs *= 2;
                      System.out.println("The object state is "+arsStatus[0].getState());
              System.out.println("The ID for the created object is "+arsStatus[0].getId());
                catch (Exception ex) {
                    System.out.println("\nFailed to create object, error message was: \n" +ex.getMessage());


Yesterday I had deployed aan apex trigger from sandbox to production env. The trigger is an "before insert, before update" to check for duplicate account names. The trigger works fine in prodiuction for preventing duplicate Account names.
But today when I tried to mass update Accounts for some other field using Apex Data Loader, I get the following error:

Apex script unhandled trigger exception by user/organization: 00530000000nHi3/00D300000006QZD

Trg_Account_Name_Dedup: execution of BeforeUpdate

caused by: System.Exception: Too many SOQL queries: 21

Trigger.Trg_Account_Name_Dedup: line 1, column 143

Can anyone please advise on how to disable triggers in production env so that I can carry out other mass updates in Account using Apex Data loader tool.

Thanks and regards,

  • February 12, 2008
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