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I'm building a hybrid mobile app using the Salesforce SDK. I created a connected app in my Salesforce org and pasted the consumer key in the bootconfig.json file. I followed the following steps to give certain users permission to access the connected app.
Set Permitted Users option to: "Admin approved users are pre-authorized"
Created a permissionset and assigned it to the connected app.
When the user has the permissionset assigned he is allowed to login, else he is not. This works perfectly fine for the users from the Organisation where I created the Connected App in. 

But, if I use login credentials of a Salesforce user from different Organisation, authentication will succeed without the user having the correct permissionset assigned. As in the other organisation, the permissionset has not been created. 

Is there any way to restrict access to the connected app when the user logs in with credentials from a different Salesforce org, so it is only possible to login with user accounts from the org where I created the connected app in? 

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
We want to provide community users with the ability to configure multi factor authentication. If a user who has a device connected but recently got a new phone, we would like to offer this user the ability to disconnect the old device. But in order to do that, we first need to know if the user has a device connected.

Does anyone know if you can detect/query if a specific user has a multi factor authentication method configured? Either with Apex, an API call or some other method we have not thought of?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Hey all,

We've recently implemented the forceCommunity:reportList in our lightning community. I've noticed it only takes the height the sidebar requires, instead of as much space as it can take. This can make reports very crammed.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Have you been able to fix it?
So far I've tried adding a seperate component to the page that calculates the height it could take, but can't actually inject either inline styling on the element or a style tag in the component. I assume the first is because lightning locker won't allow the query, and the second is an LWC restriction because style tags in the html body is bad practice.

Have a nice day!