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I'd like to create a trigger to copy quote line items to products required related list on work order. Using a process builder on quote an new work order is created based on quote type and status. The next step, which requires Trigger, is to copy the line items from the parent quote to the require products releated list on the newly created work order.
All ideas and or suggestions are highly valued. Please help if you can. Thank you.
Hello I've installed Lightning Connect Quickstart via trailhead. Step 4 says select the External Orders app. Question - where is External Orders app found? After I find it I need to click Set Customer IDs to assign customer ID numbers to the sample account records in my Developer Edition.
For a certain accounts can they be coded so that only the account owner can see the opportunities, activities, notes, etc? If that is too hard can only certain opportunities, activities, notes, etc be coded so that only the owner can see them? I realize reporting is an implication but anything we can do in the system to limit visibility to certain account is being requested. Thanks, Troy. Note, I have looked into record types, sharing rules and groups. Salesforce supports suggests visual force due to the complexities in my org.
I want to write validation Rule for case comments. SO if any users wants to delete/update  the case comments then it wont allowed deletion or modification. But i saw that there is no field like comments in the case fields. Then how could i acheive this ?

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  • March 25, 2014
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