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We are a Salesforce partner and manage multiple customer Salesforce instances. One of the areas we manage for the customers is understanding any impact to their sites for Critical updates and release changes.

For example the CSRF Critical update coming
SAML Single Sign-on

In each of these cases we put together some SOQL and then log into Workbench for each site and run the SOQL to see if there is any potential impact for their site. As you can imagine this is pretty time consuming to do for every customer site.

There is a Workbench enhancer plugin for Chrome that looks interesting to help at least save the queries so don't have to paste each time.

I'm totally stoked about the Winter '18 release & DX dev w/ the new CLI & Visual Studio Code support w/ Artifacts.

The SFDX cli now supports WorkBench/Querying which is awesome and I'm now able to using the JWT auth w/ certificates to run WorkBench/SOQL querying against all our customer sites from a single script call.

This provides a report back of all the sites so we can better gauge any customer impact and focus efforts on deeper dive into the sites that are potentially impacted.

I'm looking at adding multi-site querying to the Salesforce WorkBench GitHub project to be able to select through the workbench experience to log into multiple sites using certificates and run for instance SOQL or other commands and the results would be coming for all the sites you specify & have Certificates loaded.

Is something anyone else would be interested in?  Know of any other ways to query multiple sites at once?

Thanks Dave
I am working with an org which has the NPSP and a few other packages installed.
Using the "old" development cycle, I created a sandbox from the org, made my changes in eclipse and pushed the changes to production.
Now I want to use scratch orgs.
So I created a scratch org, used my package.xlm file from Eclipse to retrieve the config from the sandbox, converted it to the new format and attempted to push it to the scratch org.
However the config is dependent on fields that are part of the NPSP, so do I have to install all the packages that are in the sandbox manually into the scratch org before I can start development?
This seems to break the idea of a fast turnround - am I missing something?
I am hoping to produce Controller/VF pages to display data in the following manner.  I think I need to use wrappers, but I am not sure what I am doing.  I would really appreciate any help.  Thank you!  Michele

    Account.Name   Contact.Name
    Account.Name   Contact.Name
    Account.Name   Contact.Name

    Account.Name   Contact.Name
    Account.Name   Contact.Name
    Account.Name   Contact.Name

Hi all,

I got the related to changeset issue like 
This change set requires the "41.0" or later platform version.
 i have all components like custome objects , fields, pagelayouts etc ...... not any coding part.

So How can i deployee from sandbox to production
I installed Developer Hub Trial Org 64-bit Windows option.
I created a trial project with: 
     sfdx force:project:create -n geolocation

But, when I try to create the scratch org with:
      sfdx force:org:create -s -f config/project-scratch-def.json -a GeoAppScratch
I get this:
     ERROR running force:org:create: You do  not have access to the [scratchorgiinfo] object

I've tried several suggested fixes that I found when I searched for the above error. None has resolved the issue for me.
I can't find Dev Hub in my org's Setup search.
I'm creating a visual workflow which will guide a user through creating different sObjs. Depending on user input from a previous page, I'd like to show/hide future fields.

Screen 1 
Display: Would you like Beer or Juice? 
Input Field: Dropdown 

Screen 2 
Display: Select a type 
Input field: Dynamic Dropwdown 
(If beverage.type == 'Beer') 
Display: Please enter your age 
Input: Integer Box

On screen 2, there is no need to show the age integer box if the beverage type is juice. What I would like to be able to do is be able to show/hide fields based on certain boolean vars (i.e. Boolean Beverage_is_alcohol).

This is a simplistic example. The use case has multiple screens with sufficiently more "show/hide" fields that it would make the form page significantly longer.

I haven't seen anything in the Visual Flow documents that show a standard way to accomplish this. I have two thoughts on how I might solve this - but before choosing either, I'd like to ask for ideas.

Option 1 - Multiple Screen Options

Create several screens with different field combinations. Create Decision Nodes to route user to the screen with the correct combination of fields.

*This may require we create an exponentially growing amount of screens. This option is likely not scalable.

Option 2 - jQuery Dom Manipulation

Find a way to signal JS which field set should be shown and find fields via element.id and hide them (or remove, considering that hiding doesn't shrink the form size)

*This option requires a developer be made available for changes. I'd prefer if non-technical users can make changes to the workflow.

Is there an option 3? If not, perhaps you can offer some advice about which of the above two is the better path?

Thank you!
Dependent picklist to be set in a visual flowHi ,

Using a flow, I want to set the value of dependent picklist on setting a value of controlling field  I was expecting this to be pretty straight forward but this isn't working as I thought it will.
Ex: On selection of Country, automatically Country default shall be populated.
Country : UK, US, INDIA
County : London(default), Glasgow, California(default),Florida, Mumbai(Default), 

To achieve this i have a flow + made a config by which I have made the  dependent picklist as required. So each time the Country is selected-county is populated. THis works on UI but not with flows. Below is what is my observation:

a. From the UI: if a edit is made-- dependent picklist is getting set properly on selecting a value in country.
b.  If i try to replicate this in Visual Flow: It doesnot set dependent picklist-when the value of controlling field is updated.
I am assuming reason to be :  visual flow acts at business layer  so at this layer the required condition of pagelayout doesnt get implied. 

I would like to know what shall be the approach to populate this dependent picklist using visual flow.?

FYI,Below are the steps of the flow:

1. Query the record .
2. Set the value of the  field 'Country'  to UK
3. Expecting 'County' to be updated on its own to London. <---THis is not working using flow.

  • September 10, 2015
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Hello Everyone,


I wanted to know if we can include Dependent Picklist into Visual Worklfow, I am tring same but not getting desired result.

Can anybody explain how these can be achieved.


thanks in advance :)


I am following the guidelines from the Chatter guide and somehow I can't get the OAuth to work. 


It's not working from Java or curl.   Here is what I am doing:


mike$ curl --form client_id=3MVG9yZ.WNe6bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxu5AjB4oT9kxi8SEhY --form client_secret=26542xxxxxxxxxxx78  --form grant_type=password --form username=xxxxxxxx@gmail.com --form password=xxxxxxx https://na11.salesforce.com/services/oauth2/token


What I am getting is:

{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"authentication failure - Invalid Password"}


I double checked and I am getting into na11 with the right password.  Is there anything else I need to do?


Here are the settings in my remote access:



Callback URLhttps://na11.salesforce.com/ConnectTest/oauth/_callback /// temp one

No user approval required for users in this organizationNot Checked