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What are the options to Integrate Salesforce with As400 system?
  1. Real Time - Show Real time data in Salesforce but, do not actually store the data. Due to data storage concerns.
  2. Daily batch upload data in Salesforce
Are there any middleware applications that already do this?


I have the following request to work on Campaigns and want to know if we can use Campaigns for the following:
  1. Can we associate Campaigns to Accounts?
  2. Create a Campagin, send mass emails to the Campagn Members(Contacts or Accounts, if possible) and log all of the emails as Open Activities. The idea is that we send all the emails and want to follow up with everyone who recieved the email.
  3. What are the Limits of using Mass Email in Salesforce?
Thanks in Advance!
Is there a way to create a task on an opportunity, automatically, when sending an email (template) from that opportunity.  Assuming would trigger off template or subject line?  I see solutions for creating email after task but this is the direction we need to take.

Example - send email to SFDC user about opportunity and additional info etc.  At same time, create a task for that user for them to be able to follow up on.

Thanks in advance!