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Cannot create case in Community with Napoli designer template
Description We are testing the Community and when we change to the designer template and choose "Contact Support" we get the following error:

"Either this publisher does not exists or you don't have access to it: NewCase"
It is only a problem in the designer templates.

Please let me know how to resolve this. We are using case record types, but are not using "master" as a profile for the record type
I am trying to overwite the new button to display a visualforce page so I can control what fields are visible based on the selection of a picklist. I can overwrite the "New" button to use the visualforce page I have written. The new button on Salesforce Platform will call the visualforce page, however my new button completely disappears on my partner community.
The community has the visualforce page available under "Site Visualforce Pages" and all profiles on the community have permission to the visualforce page. I have also tried making it a list page button and the button will appear only on my "All" view for my custom object on the Salesforce Platform and will not show under any of my list views on the partner community.
I know the page is available for the community because I can drop a visualforce component onto my partner community and have the option to select the page. 

Any Ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?