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Does anyone know if the log4j vulnerability mean we need to upgrade our command line Data Loader?  I received a notification from Salesforce saying we need to upgrade the UI Data Loader but there was nothing listed there about the command line Data Loader.
We have an Apex class that we use to edit tasks for Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts and a custom object called Watch List.  We need to ensure the Edit button does crash when  we click on it and the  task is associated to a Lead.

Here is the top part of the Apex class:

public class TaskEditCtrl {
    public static TaskWrapper getInfo(String taskId) {
        List<Task> tList = [
                        OwnerId, RecordType.Name, WhoId, WhatId, Subject, Status, Priority,
                        Send_notification_lightning__c,Is_Important__c, Type, Category__c,
                        Download_Link__c,Download__c,CreatedById,LastModifiedById, ReminderDateTime,
                        ActivityDate, RecurrenceActivityId, RecurrenceType, RecurrenceInterval, RecurrenceInstance ,
                        RecurrenceDayOfWeekMask, RecurrenceDayOfMonth , RecurrenceMonthOfYear, IsRecurrence,
                        RecurrenceStartDateOnly, RecurrenceEndDateOnly
                        id = :taskId
            if(tList.size() > 0) {
                TaskWrapper cls = new TaskWrapper();
                tList[0].Send_notification_lightning__c  = true;
                cls.taskRec = tList[0];
                Contact con = new Contact();
                if(tList[0].WhoId != null) {
                    con = [SELECT Name, Email FROM Contact WHERE id = :tList[0].WhoId LIMIT 1];
                cls.who = con;