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I am working with flows in our test enviorment and the flow works from a button I created.  However, when I select the button to run the flow I get the below message.  I currently have to hit the back button on my browser to go back to the object and then I have to refresh it to show the results.  Is there a way to imilinate this message and refresh the object to show the flow results?  

User-added image





Can I know how to refresh the entire Visual force or Part of the page when a component is modified(i.e. when a command link action is performed by the component).


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Hi Friends


I have attached the  Visual force Snippet in one custom object. The  Visual force snippet information will stored in one object. This object  have master detailed relationship with  above object. 

If I click the save button in the visual force snippet , the information will saved into the child object. After refresh the page manually  I can see the child object information. some information will update into parent object.  I would like to refresh the whole page when click the save button in the Visual force snippet. please any one Suggest me to resolve this requirement