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Lead Status field is required on leads 
User-added image 

User-added image
When i try to hit convert I get the folowing error message
User-added image

Preferred Email field on Contact is from HEDA package (higher education package)
User-added image
It will not let me delete this field 

I do not have it as required field why is my conversion of the lead failing?
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Hi ,i would like to know that how many lookup and master detail relationships are allowed on Custom and Standard objects in all the editions.need help thanks in advance.

Is it possible to standardize email signatures for all users? I know each user can change his/her signature using  <My Email Settings> in the Setup menu but I was looking for a place where I can define a standard signature and automatically update it for all users.


This will also allow me to mass update the signatures in the future. Examples include changes to the organization's telephone number, etc.


Any ideas?

<apex:column headerValue="Amount(K)">
<apex:outputLabel dir="LTR" value="${!ROUND(opp.Amount/1000, 2)}" />



I have above in my visualforce page. I sometimes see $3E+1 in amount column.


Is ther any way to convert text to currency format in visualforce.


<apex:column value="{!opp.Amount}"/> works perfectly. But I want to display amount in thousands and in proper currency format (possibly right aligned with always two digits after decimal point).