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Hi All,
I have a requirement to gather data using the below format from Account and opportunity. could you please help me how to achieve this format? I mean is it possible with collections?
Account NameOpportunity CreatedDateOpportunity Name
Hi guys,
I got this error On that Cylinder Volume Challenge In Admin Advanced Module

Challenge not yet complete 
We created an opportunity with radius and height values. We expected the 'Cylinder_Volume__c' field to show the correct cylinder volume, but it didn’t. Make sure that your formula uses the correct calculation for the volume of a cylinder, and that radius x radius is enclosed in parentheses.

I am trying to to solve this  but i am getting this error (it is a trail head visualfoce basics) i am using visualfofce page,please help me to come out by this error.User-added image

I'm trying to create a VF page to override the standard New button in order to prepopulate value in the standard Name field:
<apex:page standardController="Opportunity"
    action="{!URLFOR($Action.Opportunity.New, null, [Name='Will be Populated by the system'], true)}"

Howver, it's not populated in the New layout. 
What am I missing?