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We currently have a LiveAgent implementation in production. What we are finding is that Contact information cannot be shared/viewed across our agents. This becomes a problem when the same person starts a chat with a new agent, the message the agent sees is that they are unable to see the contact details and to contact their system admin. We understand why this is happening because when the contact record is created, it becomes an orphaned record, so not attached to any Account or person account as these do not get created when using live agent. 
What is everyone else doing to get around this?
We created a case with Salesforce and have an official answer but looking to see what other companies are doing to resolve this issue.

Just to note Sharing rules will not resolve this as the Contact record is orphaned on creation.

Many thanks
We are looking to build a visualforce page to display if there any cusomers waiting in the LiveAgent queue. We started by looking for a controller but cant seem to find anything where this data would be available. If anyone has any ideas where we would start on what we would need to use to pull the data onto the page would be greatly appreciated.

We are very new to salesforce but have a huge appetite to succeed with it.

Many thanks