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How to have diminishing weight for a variable of a health score. The Score itself should be between 1-100%.

It is a health score so the three variables are Average NPS Score, Average CSAT, and Average Product Activity.

Product activity: (Log-ins in last 30 days/number of users)/10 It is expected that the highest average expectation (100% score) would be at 10 log-ins/user in 30 days. 

But with this math, if the logins are 100,000 logins/10 users = 10,000/10=1000%

If it is 1000% then this variable becomes highly overweight, for the derivative formula (health score), meaning:

1. It would make the health score more than 100%
2. If I cap my health score at 100%, it would still not really work because the average CSAT and NPS might be extremely low, say 10% each... This is a very unhealthy account, even if they have a 1000% activity score.

How would I make this activity variable dynamically weighted for the derivative formula?
I know this sounds backwards, usually people ask about how to include VFPs in a lightning page. I need to do the inverse because I am working with a managed package which allows for the addition/embed of other VFPs but not Lightning components. 

So how do I "recreate" a lightning page as a VFP for this purpose.

I am not a developer, so I appreciate any help!!
NPS_Input__c + CSAT_Input__c + Licensed_User_Activity__c / (IF(NPS_Input__c=0, 2,IF(CSAT_Input__c=0,2,IF(Licensed_User_Activity__c=0,2,IF(NPS_Input__c=0 && CSAT_Input__c=0,1, IF(NPS_Input__c=0 && Licensed_User_Activity__c=0,1,IF(CSAT_Input__c=0 && Licensed_User_Activity__c=0,1,3 )))))))

All inputs are % responses.

I have developed a VF page and I am using standard styles for the apex form. I customized the page using my css styles

but no matter what I do, I am unable to get rid of the pageblock border (thin black border) that is appearing on the right side

and at the bottom of the page..any help is greately appreciated!!