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Hey All, 
I am currently building out a LWC PreChat form for our business.  Everything is working except when I iterate through the fields, they all show as text input which is ok for 99% of it, but we have one that is a picklist.
I am utilizing the lightningsnapin-base-prechat and following the sample from the Component Reference here: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/component-library/bundle/lightningsnapin-base-prechat/documentation
However, our issue is that during the rendering of the component, it shows all as text inputs, as that is what is set via the for:each iteration loop. 
What my question is, is there a way to capture the drop down as a combobox in the iteration?  I have been trying everthing I know, from even rebuilding the form to not be filled via iteration and to maually build all the input fields, however, that doesnt reneder correctly so probably not the best idea. :)
Just wondering if anyone else had played around with this or has any ideas on how to make it work. 
Thanks in advance.
Hi, In the Winter '21 release notes you have mentioned the new prebuild flow to reset passwords. Currently, I am trying to implement this flow (first in a test environment) but got stuck. I created a button and when you click it, it will search for a recordid, and then you have to fill in date of birth and postcode. After that is done, there will be sent an e-mail to the 
e-mail address from the community user connected to the recordid. We receive the e-mail but there is no link in it to redirect the community user to the password reset page.  My question is. Does the prebuild flow works out of the box? Or do I need to create a custom e-mail template first? 
Hopefully you can help me out here!
Thank you