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Can someone help me out with the following questions,
1. While navigating through the desktop version of salesforce, you have navigated to a location in which you are not able to view the usual salesforce tabs. In which of the following locations/pages could you be in ?

2. What is a typical development process that requires iterative building, testing, and staging before releasing to a production environment referred to in simpler terms?
a-Multi stage release
b-Evolutionary Release
d-Waterfall model release

3.In the position screen, there are two record types – technical and non-technical lead. A project manager creates a position with record type of technical lead with the department of IT. The record type is then changed to non-technical lead. What value will be displayed in the department field. What will happen if the record is edited?(
a-The Department value will not change.If the record is edited,the user will have the option to change the field to a non-technical lead value.
b-The department value will change
c-Manager cannot send the record time.
d-The Department value will not change. If the record is edited, the user will not have the option to change the field to a non-technical lead value.

4.You are in the market of service cloud and have almost settled on the lightning enterprise edition due to budget constraints. Which of the following features would you need to compromise on if you finally make the decision to purchase this edition?
a-Live Agent web chat
b-Workflow and approvals
c-Advanced case management features
d-None of the above

5.If you have to make large amount of setup changes in test environment, then making these changes using a web interface could take a long time. Which of the following tool instead of a web interface is used to suit this purpose?
a-Force.com IDE
b-Metadata API
c-Data Loader
d-Force.com migration tool

6.An organization runs their Replication Resource Every day at 6 PM. Sally makes a change A in the object at 4:30 and another change B at 5:30 . Which of these statements can be inferred from the given package?
a-Change A is registered but Change B is not detected
b-Change B is registered but Change A is not Detected
c-Both changes A and B are detected.
d-Neither changes A nor B are detected.

7.Which of the following entities cannot be set as a traced entity in Salesforce debug logs?
b-Apex class
d-Apex Trigger

8.There is a validation rule written on an account that Account_SL_Number__c cannot be greater than 100. If the given code is executed in a developer console how many records will be created?
List<Account> aList = new List<Account>();
for(Integer i=0;i<200;i++){
Account a= new Account(Name='Test Account',Account_SL_Number__c=I);


9.For testing streaming API services, what needs to be done after selecting the Streaming API service to be tested?
a-Start the service
b-Subscribe to the service
c-Preview the service response
d-Parse service response

10.If you are handling the data migration for all your clients who want to switch from their legacy system to salesforce crm system. If a client comes with data model consisting of contacts and accounts and provides you with contact and account details(for export) in CSV format. Which of the following data migration methods will be best suited for the given purpose?
a-An ETL tool can be used
b-Create the external id for account and follow up with upserting data using data loader with the relationship intact.
c-Insert accounts into salesforce and then perform vlookup matching the legacy ID with salesforce ID.
d-Both a and b

11.You want to change the duration of the login lockout using the feature “lockout effective period”. For what type of portals, this service is not available?
a- Self service portals
b-Partner portals
c-Customer portals
d-It is available for all portals.

12.Which of the following object permissions cannot be applied to an Idea?
b-View all

13.Amit is creating a visualforce page with standard controller set to “Account”.He wants to use standard “Delete” functionality and wants to have a custom implementation for “save”.Which is the best way to achieve this
a-Writing a extension for Account standard controller
b-Using standard controller and custom controller
c-Cant be achieved
d-Using custom controller, writing methods for save and Delete.Call save from custom delete method.

14.What is the maximum number of replication objects that can be created while running an extract?

15.which of the following search method is considered as best while searching for a component in salesforce?
a-Search by id
b-Search by name
c-Search by value
d-All of them are good practices

16.Workflow e-mail alerts can be created on which of the following objects?
A.All standard objects.
B.All custom objects
C.Accounts,Contacts,Leads and Opportunities
D.Contacts,cases and entitlements

a-Both A and B
b-Both B andC
c-Both C and D
d-All of the given options

17.A.)It is recommended to use a component event instead of an application event.
B.)It is not advisable to use dispatcher component to listen for an event when you have a large number of handler component instances listening for an event.
C.)Usage of anti-patterns should be avoided while using events.
Which of the above is not true in the context of using events in Salesforce lightning apps?
a-only A
b-Both A and B
c-Both A and C
d-All of them
I have a custo object  Business. and i have a field  'Amount' on this object. On Account i want to display average of this  'Amount' field. I have created a Roll Up on Account but it was giving only Count , SUM,MIN,MAX. Then How to calculate Average? for this
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