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I have migrate my saleforce org into Hyperforce org. but after migration instance.salesforce.com is not accessible. please suggest me how can we access the url.

User-added image
I have a functionality (built as a vf page) in which I display all the report folders and the list of reports present in each folder.
The functionality is present in a managed package, hence the code of all the vf pages and classes associated to it are not visible.
I am using Ext js (a js library) to display the above data in a tree structure.
Below code snippet is present at a global level, but isnt getting called when loading the page:
<script type="text/javascript">
    var Tree = Ext.tree;
    var tree;
Q1) What can be the possible issues here?
Q2) What can be done to fix the issue?
Both these orgs have the same managed package installed.
Awaiting a quick response.
Thanks and Regards,
I am making use of the custom data table to create a data table and then to provide the inline editing feature for picklists.
I have created a LWC component and added 2 such custom datatables there one below another.
When I am selecting a picklist value in table 1 and am moving out of the cell, the Cancel and Save buttons are visible in both the datatables.
What's the cause of it and how can we fix it?
Screenshots have been attached for your reference.
1_Before : Initial state of the 2 custom data tables
2_After : Final state of the custom data tables after updated the value of "Target Priority" for a record.

Before Save :
User-added image
After Save :
User-added image

Thanks and Regards,

is there any other way available to store record like custom object. one is custom setting but there is no text area field available
I created a custom metadata in org. I'm able to insert/update the records in custom metadata using apex but i have no idea about How to delete records from Custom metadata.