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Ok, half kidding, but half not kidding.

What do you think the chances are?

In some ways, if the Safari mobile works well, we should just be able to login, right?

  • April 13, 2007
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I was interested in seeing what people's thoughts were on Leopard, have you upgraded, do you plan to upgrade soon (I've heard a few folks say they're waiting for 10.5.2), do you have no plans to upgrade ?

There's a lot of time & code saving features for developers in Leopard, but they're Leopard only. If future versions of SF3, Maildrop, Trapdoor were Leopard only, would that be an issue?
Anyone heading to the WWDC this week?
I just posted an update to Maildrop, it has a couple of bug fixes along with some new features.
  • Can now create leads in addition to contacts from the add email page, the add lead/contact buttons are now much more obvious.
  • The Add Email dialog is reset between emails, it no longer defaults to the last email's selections.
  • Malformed search error with email addresses containing dashes is fixed.
  • New menu item to reinstall the scripts (under help), and error reporting when the script install fails.
  • New application icon and updated help.
If you have an earlier version of Maildrop, it'll auto update the next time you start, or pick check for updates from the help menu.

This I think was pretty much everything that people commented one, other than a couple of Mail specific issues, which i'll be looking into next.

I also got around to putting together a single page that details all the Saleforce.com/OSX tools I've built, see http://www.pocketsoap.com/osx/

I just downloaded Maildrop. I look forward to using it with Mail.app! I noticed in the screenshot on the Maildrop site (http://www.pocketsoap.com/osx/maildrop/) a few additional scripts under the two Salesforce.com items -- Create Event, Create Note, Create Task. Are these specific to Entourage or are these related to Salesforce.com? It would be great to have these three items as Maildrop salesforce options.
I've built a number of OSX app's that integrate with Salesforce.com, all of them are free.

Maildrop - easily copy emails from Mail.app or Entourage to Salesforce
Trapdoor - manage all your saleforce logins on the keychain and quickly login as any of them.
SoqlXplorer - a developer to explore your salesforce.com schema, and try out queries, generate schema reports.
ZKSFoirce - an open source Cocoa library for the Salesforce.com API

Still Beta
SF3 - synchronized contact, events & tasks between salesforce and addressbook / iCal
Quicksilver plugin - quickly search and upload documents to saleforce.com from Quicksilver.
sfdcFuse - using macFuse, mount your salesforce.com document repository as a real OSX volume.

Comments & Suggestions welcome.

  • March 09, 2007
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Welcome to the Mac forum, feel free to discuss any topics relating to Salesforce & Apple Mac's here.
  • March 09, 2007
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