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SFDC Salesforce for Outlook will not start. This is the error message that I received: I have tried to reinstall and get the same error message.

  • November 12, 2013
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We are preparing to push out Salesforce to our organization globally. Is there any way to set the configuration centrally (registry entry, group policy, config file on workstation)? We want to set settings such as which Contacts folder to sync with, etc. These settings are set within the Salesforce for Outlook client once the user has logged on and started Outlook. When we are talking about 100 users, it's going to take a while to get everyone set up. There's got to be an easier way to configure these settings without having to log on to each workstation and do the configuration. Any ideas?





I have just installed the plug in for outlook and there is a conflict between the 2 followed by this message:


'' "Outlook experienced a serious problem with the 'salesforce.com outlook edition enhanced' addin....." It then proceeds to disable the plugin' 


Is there any way to fix this conflict or any alternative to synchronize with outlook?




Hi Guys,


I was wondering if there is a solution to automatically fill the BCC field of a newly created email or a replied /forwarded to email with my SalesForce email address?  The reason behind this is that we are unable to install the SalesForce Outlook Add-in to our existing system.  This is for when we are sending emails from our desktops to salesforce and not vice versa.


Your help is appreciated



  • January 31, 2012
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Hi all,


I have a scenario where I have about 50 users on a single Exchange 2003 server.  All of the users use Salesforce and we have been scrappign along with the provided SF Outlook integration.


Rather than upgrade our Exchange environment (hardware, software, licensing, pain, time, etc), we've began exploring hosted mail options like Google's Business email. 


Whichever service is used, integration is our SF environment (Unlimited Ed.) is essential.


Has anyone else made a plunge like this? 


I'll probably install VCS Smart Email for Enterprise & Unlimited Edition in a sandbox today, but I was just curious if any other members of the community have done anythign similar.




Thanks in advance!


Recently we got rid of our exchange server and moved to Gmail for Business but retained Outlook clients on our desktops/laptops connected to Gmail.

At this point the Outlook integration with SF stopped working. We are using Outlook 2010 and Salesforce plug in Is there a newer version? I am not sure?

Some users have the problem where they click on ‘Add Email’ but never receive the confirmation to say it has been added to Saleforce.com and certainly doesn’t appear in Saleforce.com even without the confirmation email.


Some users are finding that when they click the Add email button all that is happening is that the email is duplicated in their inbox in Outlook.


Is anyone able to help as its starting to become quite a problem.


Thanks in advance!!

Hi all,


I have been testing the SF plugin for Notes 8.5(.1) already for several weeks.


I have found the following:


it will only install properly if you adjust the plugin_customization.ini in the framework rcp folder and add the below line




This is offcourse due to the default security settings. I was told by SF that we needed to create a policy to circumvent this, which I have now done today.


I have created a new security settings document and adjustd the 'Signed plug-ins' section. I have adjusted the 'Installation of plug-ins signed by an unrecognized entity: ' to Always install, but when trying to install the plugin is fails to integrate with notes.


How do you guys roll this out in your company? I mean off course without creating a separate install package for it,since that is just a lazy workaround. This should be manageable via Policy centrally


Hoping on a good response



Is anyone successfully using this combo?


If I install connector (latest on SFDC) then Notes (specifically notes2.exe) just starts / stops / starts / stops ... in an endless cycle until I uninstall Connector - then everything is fine...


Just updates to Notes 8.5.1 FP 2 and still get the same situation.


Any help is appreciated.



  • April 29, 2010
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After rolling out O3 (3.3.104) to across the site, and upgrading the early adoption test clients, we're finding certain machines experience frequent Outlook crashes ("Outlook experienced a serious problem with the 'salesforce.com outlook edition enhanced' add-in...").


A couple of the troublesome machines were early adopters that didn't have any problems until upgrading the connector version. Outlook 2007 SP2 on XP. We've done the uninstall/reinstall thing.


Other suggestions? Or can someone point me to where to download earlier versions of the Outlook Connector?

  • January 12, 2010
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has anyone up and running Outlook 2010 and the Salesforce Plugin?

Currently I check the new Office version. But the SF Plugin makes always stress. 


Anyone here with experience or any hints? 


Thx, olli 

  • November 28, 2009
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I'm running the Outlook 2010 preview on a box, and at the moment it does not appear that the Outlook Connector for salesforce will run in it (most other Outlook plugins for 2007 that I've tried with Outlook 2010 do work fine). 


I'm just curious if anyone else can confirm the same experience.  Are there ever beta's of new versions of the connector, or do we need to wait for release that has official support for Outlook 2010?