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For some reason the excel connector for PE has stopped working and we desperately need some help.

First it worked great, but then it was moved. We then followed the instructions below, deleted all signs of the excel connector on the computer, restarted, re-installed the excel connecter, and did everything possible - but we can’t get the excel connector back to working.

Each time we re-install, re-add the Add-in (or replace it), and then go to re-add the sforce connector toolbar, it gives us the same error that it cannot be found and is still looking for it in the original place it was – the first time it was installed.

Is there any way to fix this?

We’ve been trying everything on the discussion board, including the instructions below from the FAQ and still cannot get it to work.

I already tried this:
Open Excel
Click Tools, Add-Ins
Uncheck the sforce_connect checkbox, click OK
Close Excel
Open Excel again, if the "sforce_connector" menu bar is still there, right click on the tool bar area of excel, uncheck the sforce Connector check box
Close Excel
Open Excel
If the bar is gone and the Add-INs list is showing the add-in as unchecked or gone then you can re-install the add-in from the new file location of the XLA, see the install instructions on the web (http://sforce.sourceforge.net/excel/index.htm)


Thanks so much!