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I hope this isn't a stupid question (I new to Salesforce.com): Is it possible to have custom links displayed when editing a contact?
Here's why: I want to implement a multi-select field where the options are generated from a query againast a custom object.
The standard multi-select field takes it's options list from the field definition, so to add or remove options I need to edit the field.
What I want is more data driven than that, so I thought I'd create an  S-Control using AJAX toolkit to perform a query against the DB, and  present a list of checkboxes for the user. The S-Control would update a field (text or text area) using values checked in the form when the user presses a ok button  (all pretty standard stuff I guess).

However, I need a custom link to call the S-Control, and the "custom-links" section of the form is not presented when I edit the contact record.
Am I missing something ???

  • September 23, 2006
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