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I have recently installed the excel connector PE on a new system.  It works fine on my system at home however i am having problems at the office.  This is the error message
Salesforce: login()
unknown error
Object variable or With block variable not set
Has any one seen this error before?  I havent been able to find any other postings on this.  I have reinstalled the connector and diligently followed the recommends for intsalling an add-in and removing toolbars. 

Please help...
  • March 08, 2007
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How do I get mail merge to work with windows 7
I have created 2 custom objects, Quotes and Parts. (Parts being line items for quotes). I created merge template with custom fields. But I am having parts field empty. Concept is similar to Opportunity and Opportunity Lines Items in which you can use mail merge to create document.

Already ran my scenario through support. Response is "This is not possible with mail merge".

Anybody has done this before?? What are my alternatives??

Found another thread similar to what I am trying to do.


Is there any progress from salesforce side on this?? Thread is dated back to early 2005.



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  • February 01, 2006
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