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Has there been any movement on this front - I knew some years back there was some teams in SFDC looking into this item but not sure where it went or if there is a feature that supports this.


Basic use case is on search and in other areas of record ownership change - do not want user to see other users of different teams and countries, and prevent them from re-assigning records outside their set scope of user management for that task, or search. 


I know we can do filtered lookups and that does achieve it in some cases but not on things like account wizard changes nor on the search screen etc..



Hi All - not a regular contributor but looking for a strange item here that I expect is not supported. If anyone knows please respond so I stop looking - my eyesight is getting a little blurry.


I am looking for the location of standard SFDC event object translations like record type. I can find all the custom activity ones but can not find event record types. 


If all else fails i will just edit it manually after package installation.


Thanks for the help


I apologize if this is a known response. Want to get the ID instead of the name or ideally both one column for each.

Connector returns on users queries the Profile ID as text name instead of SFDC ID. How do you use connector to get the ID. The ID is by far more useful. Same for other areas like this where a reference object is given.

Thank you
Im unable to create a new Force.com project in Eclipse Kepler Version: 4.3.0. 
I enter my username/password & security token but still no success.

Downloaded the connector and installed...now I get this error?



We deployed some changes recently and ended up with many of our previous page-layout assignments being lost, i.e.., set back to Unassigned.


Our deployment included a number of Profiles, Record Types, and Page Layouts for Opportunity.  For all the Profiles we deployed, only those layouts  and record types in the package retained their assignments. 


We have 48 record types and about 50 profiles profiles and 30-40 layouts.  We never want to deploy all of these at the same time. In the past, when we only deployed a subset, only what we deployed changed and what was already there remained unchanged.


Anyone know what would cause this?  Is there a change to metadata deployment in '10?



I'm trying to get started using the Migration Tool.  In order to do that, I need Ant working.  I have set up the Variable Environments but I can't seem to connect using the build.properties file.


I have tried both with the security token and without.  It's a developer account.  When I try the "ant test" command I get an error "build.xlm: 9 Invalid Username, password or security token"


I'm sure of the password and am not locked out.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



My file looks like the following:


 # build.properties



# Specify the login credentials for the desired Salesforce organization

sf.username = dev@***

sf.password = *****


#sf.pkgName = <Insert comma separated package names to be retrieved>

#sf.zipFile = <Insert path of the zipfile to be retrieved>

#sf.metadataType = <Insert metadata type name for which listMetadata or bulkRetrieve operations are to be performed>


# Use 'https://www.salesforce.com' for production or developer edition (the default if not specified).

# Use 'https://test.salesforce.com for sandbox.


sf.serverurl = https://www.salesforce.com


# If your network requires an HTTP proxy, see http://ant.apache.org/manual/proxy.html for configuration.


  • March 31, 2010
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I picked up the following Tip during a SFDC presentation and it works great on the Contact record. It creates a button on the Contact object, which when clicked, creates an activity in the Contact record and sets up a reminder task in 2 days.

I need to modify it to do the same on a Case object. Can anyone help me modify the code so that it does the same in a Case, i.e. creates an activity that a VM was left, and creating a reminder task when clicked? 

Code is at the end of the next section.

Need: Track all activities to contacts within Salesforce and save time by having one click logging of left voicemails

Business Case: Sales reps can quickly log voicemail calls and receive a reminder task a few days later to follow up on the voicemail.

Business Value: Make more calls, improve productivity in high call volume type environments

Left Voicemail Custom button instructions

To set 1 custom buttons on the contact record – LVM

select Setup| Appsetup | Customize | Contacts | Custom Buttons and Links | select new custom button

Create a button label name (LVM) in the display type select the Detail page button option

select behavior type - Display in existing window without sidebar or header

select content source – URL


add the Code: (modify the code to fit your instance)



  • March 05, 2010
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