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I am using excel connector to easily delete the mass emails and tasks that we have in sales force to open up some more room. 
When i call up all emails with the sent date less then 10/31/2007 it pulls up emails from both before that date and after.  When i start a new query with emails with the sent date greater then 10/31/2007 it pulls up the same emails.
I am getting frustrated because i have been trying to use this off and on for a few months with no success. Sales force is not able to help me.  Does anyone know the number for excel connector support?
Help is very much appreciated!
 I am looking for some quick help is some basic hand holding and minor customization of the basic sfdc screens.

I have a small insurance agency that I need to track new agents, their training miles stones, and their weekly insurance applications.

I do not want these agents to be users or sales reps with their own log in to sfdc.

As I hire them, I need to be able to quickly see their current licensing and training progress, then one they are selling, to be able to track a few details from each application they submit.

My agents are set up in a multi tiered system based on the commission level, so the ability to see their downline agents is crucial.

Please contact me for more details.

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