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I have defined a CustomObject and want to be able to directly link to the Edit page by clicking a record in the List view, bypassing the Detail page. My users always have to edit this type of record so it is a waste to make them go to the Detail page first.

I have tried a couple a things but had no luck finding a fully satisfactory solution.

For instance, I can create a Custom Field of type URL that I then populate with an Apex class that is called by a trigger:

public class CustomObjectModifier {
    public static void addUrlEdit(CustomObject__c[] cos){
        for (CustomObject__c co: cos){
            co.urlEdit = 'https://na5.salesforce.com/'+ oc.id +'/e';
            //(I got this URL using the Web Sevices API. It's not very robust to hardcode it here, but I don't know how to
            //access DescribeSObjectResult using Apex.)

I can put the urlEdit__c field in the List view, but the problem is that it opens in a new window. Also, it is ugly in the list view since it shows the entire URL, rather than some alternate text.

I have also tried creating a link to the Edit page as part of a Custom Link, for instance:

{!URLFOR( $Action.CustomObject__c.Edit , CustomObject__c.Id , null, true)}

However, there seems to be no way to put such a link on the List view.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
I have a custom link on my Contacts page to a URL. After I click on the custom link, I see the web page for the URL embedded in salesforce, but it is only about 500 pixels tall and has scrollbars. Does anyone know how to make the scrollbars go away?

On the Contacts layout page I clicked "Edit Properties" for "Custom Links" and changed the height in pixels. This changed the height of the outer page, but the embedded web page is still only about 500 pixels high and still has scrollbars.

Thanks for any help!

Message Edited by sidewinder on 03-13-2008 03:54 AM
I am creating a mashup between Salesforce.com and one of our own web apps. Our web app is embedded in Salesforce.com as a Custom Web Tab. I also want to create links to our embedded app on pages such as the Case Detail page. This is possible by defining a Custom Link to the URL of our web app, using Behavior="Display in existing window with sidebar" and Content Source="URL."

However, there is one problem with the Custom Link approach.  When I defined the Custom Web Tab, I was able to define the  "Content Frame Height" appropriately (eg 900 pixels). When I defined the Custom Link, I was not able to define this property. As a result, if you use the Tab to reach our embedded web app it displays exactly the way that I want it to, but if you use the Custom Link to reach it then it is inside of an iframe with scrollbars showing. I need the scroll bars to be absent.

It seems that the problem would be solved if I could just have the Custom Link point to the Custom Web Tab. I noticed that using merge fields in the Custom Link I can link to {!$Action.Account.Tab} for instance, and even {!$Action.MyCustomObject__c.Tab}. However, I can't figure out how to do it for a Custom Web Tab.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can make these scrollbars go away?