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We've downloaded Project/Issue Management from Salesforce Labs, and I'm struggling with adding emails from Outlook into the appropriate Project or Issue in Salesforce because when using Related To, it only shows me the Project or Issue Number...not the name or anything else descriptive that would help me associate it correctly. 
Is there something I'm missing with regards to pulling down different columns of data in the Outlook Connect to help me identify the right item?
In looking through the field history tracking notes, this isn't something available on Opportunities, but I have 3 date fields that I need to track...and ideally prompt someone when they change those values.
Any ideas?
How can I pass the value of a field from the Account record down to the Contact records for that account? I have a field on the account level with a status that I want to view on the contact records associated with that account. I don't want users to have to complete the field again for every contact - I just want it pulled down from the Account level. Is this possible?
Thanks for the help!