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Can any one tell me how the locale in salesforce mobile can be set to match that of the web system??
My case is that we have deployed salesforce mobile to our users world wide.
Administration of the users is done from the UK (myself).
Users within Sweden are setup with the Locale (in the web profile) as Sweden and the Time Zone
(GMT+01:00) Central European Summer Time (Europe/Berlin) but when an entry is made to the calendar for an event the times do not match
For example -
Event entry to salesforce.com for meeting from 12:00 - 13:00hrs replicates in the salesforce mobile system at the time of 11:00 - 12:00hrs.
The device we use is the Blackberry 8800.
Any ideas/solutions etc welcomed and greatfull.
Many thanks in advance.
Baffled :smileyindifferent:
I am not sure if answer to my question below is pretty simple and not getting in to my head...

Salesforce allows to use only one communication template for all steps in an approval process. Is there a way to use different templates for different stages.  Basically we wanted to send an email alert to user with whom action is pending next in case of rejection or approval in current level. Right now same email is sent for all events. Please let me know of there is any issue with out setup.

Thanks in anticipation,

  • October 07, 2008
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