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I want to read a CSV file using Apex/Visualforce. Can we read a CSV file using Apex/Visual force? Any code sample would be helpful.



Thanks in advance!!!




  • June 17, 2009
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Hi All,
Does salesforce provides any standard document which  contains the Apex/visual force CODE CONVENSIONS, CODING STANDARDS?

Will appreciate if anybody provide any kind of related information.

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!

  • December 24, 2008
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Hi I am using sforce.apex.execute call from javascript in my VF page to execute a method in global method of a webservice apex class. This is working fine on Sandbox Site page but throws an error:-

{faultcode:UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION, faultstring:UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: 'Site UNder Construction',}


when we deploy the code to production org that is hosted on na6. It also works fine in VF page on production org but on Sites page it fails.


Any thoughts why it is happening?


We are facing an issue after integrating VSS and Eclipse with force.com IDE. When two different users check out a file(S-Control, Trigger…) from VSS to Eclipse working folder and after performing the changes try to check-in the file back from Eclipse working folder to VSS the eclipse gets hanged and the file doesn’t get  checked-in.


Problem Description


Suppose there are two users- User A and User B.

These two users try to update two different files say - User A Check Outs Trigger A  and User B check out Trigger B ,which are both under a common folder called unpackaged in VSS to their corresponding working folder in Eclipse.


There is package.xml file for each force.com related folder in VSS. This file also gets checked out whenever we check out any file under the folder. It will be checked out in any user name depending on who-ever checked out a file first from VSS.


Now when both the user try checking in the Trigger A and Trigger B file back from Eclipse working folder to VSS the eclipse gets hanged and doesn’t allow to check-in because of this package.xml file being checked out.


The users have to close all applications and then do changes  one by one to solve this problem.


Is there any way that this problem can be avoided?Any pointers will be reaally helpful.




Priya Nair


  • April 07, 2009
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My system is behind a firewall and I've had to set my proxy in Eclipse and that all works fine except for when I try to run anything in the "Execute Anonymous" tab.

I believe this is due to the proxy set in Eclipse not being picked up as it has the same response as it was trying without setting the proxy.

Anyone else come across this issue?

The errors I get are:

first a window titled
"Exception Occurred"

Then further details in the results box show:

Failed to send request to https://na6-api.salesforce.com/services/Soap/s/14.0/510300D80000000M1cv