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I am writing a test class for my search function. In VF page it has three criteria i.e. Name, Start date and End Date to summarize the results and I am using command button method “rerender” to render the results in a data table.


In my Apex controller, the selected criteria’s will be checked for ‘null’ or ‘not null’ before querying the result. I need to pass values for these criteria satisfying both ‘null’ and ‘not null’ for testing.


How to write a test method to pass values for these criteria’s?.



Hi - Apologies in advance if this has already been posted - searched but just could not find...



I'd like to confirm the current Price and Availability for Sites


Price (for Enterprise Edition)


The "Selecting the Right Salesforce Edition" does not seem upto date.




Availability (for EMEA)


Spring '09 has it at Developer Preview and Winter '10 Release notes show it as in production which is great.




Any dates for when this will be available? 









I've seen that the topic of sites authentication has been discussed at some length in another thread in this forum.  Can someone confirm for me, however, that if I wanted to implement authentication aside from customer portal, I'd have to roll it more or less (or completely?) from scratch myself?


If so, are there any 3rd party libraries/AppExchange apps/Apex classes that facilitate that?  For example, session management (for sites), password hashing, checking for authentication bypass, etc...


Any insights are most welcome...


Thanks  in advance,