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I have been trying to work through this simple task and keep going round in circles.


I am trying to do the following;


  • Create new button
  • Calls a page to collect multiple contacts
    • pre-filtered by certain types (maybe using new advanced lookup filters)
  • Using predefined email template
  • Send emails to previously selected Contacts
  • Record details of email sent in custom object


Also need test method etc


If anyone can help I would very much appreciate it.


Many Thanks





Unfortuneately I have stumbled at the first hurdle, but I am sure there is an easy explanation. Using eclipse .4.2 i am trying to create a new salesforce.com project and get an error when trying to login. I can login manually absolutely fine via the web. The password includes the security token. but i get a dialog


" Uable to connect to hostname www.salesforce.com:


invalid Username, password, security token or user is locked out.


Any ideas?