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I just logged on and realized that Salesforce changed the Reports tab user interface in the last few days.  Instead of a nice set of folders that you can arrange any way you want, including hiding folders, the new UI lists all the folders on the left hand side of screen, Windows-Explorer-like and then you click on the folder to see the list of reports in the folder.  I could live with it, except I don't see how to hide certain folders from the folder list.  When I try to edit the folder, it does indeed indicate that the folder is hidden as I specified, yet it still shows up in the folder list and I can still run the reports that are in it?  Any suggestions?  This is an emergency, as all the extra folders will confuse the users to no end!  I want the old interface back!!!


It is rather annoying when Salesforce changes the user interface without telling the customers.  Sometimes the new interfaces are not as good as the ones they replaced.

  • October 11, 2011
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In the opportunity object, I have a related list called Template. An template is passed to a database and converted to an Contract and sent back to salesforce. All the integration is done through informatica.

I have triggers on the Contract object both insert and update. So when the Contract is sent back  to  salesforce ideally the insert trigger should fire. But thats not happening.

But when I modify something on the Contract , the update trigger is getting triggered. Is the insert trigger is not firing because informatica integration is inserting the record?
  • August 07, 2009
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