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Hi Developers,


I have created a custom object for Order Entry that our sales reps will use when an Opportunity is Won. What I would love is for the Ship-to and Bill-to information from the Contact record to automatically populate those fields in the Custom Object.


If you create New Order Entry from the Opportunity record, then the Opportunity field automatically populates, but that's all. And if you create New Order Entry from the Contact record, then the Contact field populates, but no the Opportunity. So, I feel like there must be some sort of communication ... I just don't know how to program it.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi Everyone,

I'm new to sfdc and this community, but we are loving what we've seen so far.


I have what I suspect is a pretty easy report to generate, I just can't figure it out for myself.


We would like to see a report that figures the percentages on our Mass E-mails.

 - % of X Mass E-mail that were opened

 - % of X Mass E-mail opened more than 3 times


Is this simple?


Thanks in advance!

Brian Rhea


I have a custom object that I would like to pull existing data from our Contacts Object.

I have failed in my attempt to accomplish this  using the cross object custom formula method.


The field I would like to pull is the Contacts Address, which has been re labeled as "Residence Address".  I modified our Address Label from Mailing Address to Residence Address (Residence City, Residence Street, Residence State, etc...) 


Contact is a Lookup Field on the Custom Object.  Ideally, once the Contact is selected, I would like to bring over the Email, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, and Address. 


Can someone please make a recommendation, or share the correct formula for accomplishing this task. 

  • November 10, 2009
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Hi there,


In my custom object, I'm trying to auto-populate a Contact Email field based on the Contact selected in a loopkup field on the same page.


Can anyone please provide an example of how this is accomplished?



Thanks so much!