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In our world, case owners work a case, create a case comment, and then have to separately edit the case to change the status to either "Open - Waiting on Feedback" or "Closed - Waiting on Feedback." The case submitter follows a similar workflow where they use comments to communicate back to the case owner and also have to edit the case to set the status back to Open after they add a comment.


Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to allow users to change the case status in the same window when they are creating a new case comment? 


Possible ideas (but not sure how to accomplish):

 - Custom field on the case comments window to set the status (either the actual status field or a field that fired a workflow rule to update the real status field once the case comment was saved).

 - Custom button to "Save and Update Status" on the case comments window.

 - Custom button on the case to "Create Comment and Update Status."


If anyone has any code snippets or can point me to other examples of how this can be accomplished, that would be great!



Is it possible to include custom object fields when searching using the lookup window?  I have a number of custom objects that use an auto-number for the object name, however searching for these objects is near impossible when I want to link them to another object by selecting the lookup magnifying glass.


I've found several different solutions that suggest that this could be done, however I am unable to get a successful result.  Any help would be appreciated

Hi Everybody,

I want to create an approval process as soon as a custom lookup relationship field (link to my custom object) is edited by a user. How can I do it? I tried to do that like I explain you below. Is it the best way? Salesforce organization is like below:

I created an object called “PS” (for Presales) which ontains the name of all our available presales. From “Opportunity” object I created a custom field called “PS Name” which is a lookup relationship with my “PS” object.

The goal:   I want to create an approval process as soon as the “PS Name” field is edited by a user.

Final Approval or Rejection Actions:    If the edit is accept by the assigned approver, the “PS Name” field keeps this new value. Otherwise, the field must be automatically rollback by its previous value.

I’ve created a custom hide text field in the “Opportunity” object called “PS_LAST” ,which contains the previous name of the “PS Name” (for a potentially rollback). But, in a case of rejection of the approval, I can’t access to the “PS Name” field (with Field Updates of Salesforce) for rollback it to “PS_LAST”.

I hope you’ll find a way to help me, because I did not.

Best regards.

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