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I have started learning about visual force and the use of Sites. I just created my first VF page to capture data into a custom object. My question is this,  can sites be used to capture data into a custom object without the need for a user license?


I'm trying to replicate the Web to case type functionality but capture data into a custom object.  So far I've created a simple visual force page which capture a few fields, but when when I test the sites link it says I need to login first.


Any ideas?


- Janine



  • November 30, 2009
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I recently read some notes on how to create quick email buttons. The code allows you to override the email from address and also preselect the template. I'm very interesteed in this functionality however, we need to do a reply email not just create email from scratch. Any ideas on if this is possible?


We are also using solutions within our templates and I was wondering if anyone has knowledge of how to add additional solutions to the draft email without having to leave the email edit page.

  • October 07, 2009
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