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Attempting to develop and deploy a public access site for a non-profit in Atlanta (1st one ever).  We cannot figure out how to:

1) Create a reference to a custom object to expose on the site. (We set the configuration and visibility options for the custom obect on the public access page but cannot see this information.  Not sure how to creat a reference on a visualforce page?)

2) Whether we need a portal set for guest to do this?


Stumped and confused...please help!

I've just started working in the Force development platform and need to have a Workflow rule run on all contact records once a day to send an email reminder to sales people when a date matches the frequency they want to re-contact the prospect.


I want to have this date field checked daily on all prospects and if it matches today's date send the salesperson an email with basic conact info and then update the date field by adding the number of days specified in the frequency field to todays date.

I can get all of that done in the Force platform if I change the date field manually to today's date, but I want it to check all the Prospect records automatically and compare the Trigger date to Today().

I downloaded Cronkit but I don't have any experience with Apex (I have done some programming in ASP in the past) and don't know how to construct the custom batch job that Cronkit requires.

If someone has a sample of code that works in a similar way, or can tell me how it might be done without an add on like CronKit, I would really appreciate, I would really appreciate the info.



  • August 18, 2009
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