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The query below that returns everything I need to build a list of Content Documents for a given ContentWorkspace. What I can't seem to do is build a URL, using the ContentDocumentId, that will allow for downloading of the document in a Sites VF page.




Select Id, ContentWorkspaceId, ContentDocumentId, CreatedDate, SystemModstamp, IsOwner, IsDeleted,
ContentDocument.Id, ContentDocument.Title, ContentDocument.PublishStatus
From ContentWorkspaceDoc
Where contentWorkspaceId = '058500000004COF' and ContentDocument.PublishStatus ='P'
order by ContentDocument.Title



If I deliver the Content Document I get a URL that I can create a link with but I do NOT see that Id used in the link below in my query at all. The link looks like this.

<a href="https://na3.salesforce.com/sfc/p/300000000ETq0R76A1g2d65F.RjvA2za5BXBKZg=">My Doc</a>


Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



Is there any documentation available for the new Chatter API? If so, I would appreciate any information that you can provide.



Is there integration with Twitter out of the box or does this currently require custom development?