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I'm new to using the Force.com IDE and Eclipse and I'm running into an issue. I'm trying to create a project that is connected to an org with a large number of managed packages installed. I want to look only at 3 classes, so I select only these three classes, however the IDE proceeds to download the contents of all "referenced packages", which is not what I want, and takes an extremely long time.


For some reason these do not appear in the project contents, but if I navigate to the workspace folder, the xml files for all referenced packages are clearly visible.


I'm finding this behaviour a bit strange, is there some way to avoid it? I.e. just download the classes I ask for?


I am using the standalone installer version, 64 bit, version 19

Hi. I need to allow my Partner Portal users to update lead data on a regular basis and I was hoping to use the Data Loader. My PRM users have API access enabled, but I can't figure out how to get them a Security Token for the log in to the Data Loader.


Any ideas? Does anyone know if this won't be possible?