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I tried to set up web-to-lead form on public web site using CMSForce2, but there was a problem when I browsed sites using Explore9. I put web-to-lead form inside sidebar component section and the form was breaking up in two-three section. By the way, it works fine under Firefox and Explore 8.  Anyone has solved this issue? Thanks in advance.

Can anyone advise me how to adjust the font size of Webform on the sidebar content section? Thanks

Can anyone advise me how to change Appexchange logo on the sample template? Since the GIF file is saved on ZIP format, it is hard to update to my logo.  I failed to update zip file after switching logo file. Thanks in advance.

We are looking for a Salesforce.com developer or consultant who has a good knowledge base of Salesforce.com. All the condition is flexible and negotiable.

Our Company details

1. Size : small
2. company location : Queens, NY  USA
3. Industry : Financial service-credit card processing offering POS system
4. SF license : 1 enterprise edition since 2010 (will add more if needed)
5. Busienss started : Since 2007

Developer position details

1. Payment option : Negotiable (Hiring or commission per project or sharing the result)
2. What developer does : All the SF related issue
3. What we focus on : Public website management using Force.com and Siteforce, Marketing channel management, developing Affiliate and agent management solution, and so on. We are willing to use 3rd party for additional development if needed.

We would like to have a face-to-face meeting to discuss project sometimes(once or twice a month) , if it is necessary, in addition to online meeting.
Qualified and interested candidates should email me at pmichael.pt@gmail.com to learn more and submit your resume for consideration.


Is there anybody knows when Siteforce application is available?

How do I define a page title, a meta description and meta keywords in a Force.com site built using CMSForce 2?

Is there anybody knows when Siteforce application is available?

I'm building a site using CMSForce and have a couple questions.


1.  If I use friendly urls it adds 'cms/' to my url.  For example, a page might look like this: www.mysite.com/cms/friendly-url


Is there a way to remove the 'cms/' part so I can have full control over urls?


2.  I'd like to be able to populate the title tag, meta keywords and meta description with data entered by users.  Using a content block in the template won't work because the text editor automatically wraps content in html and what I need is plain text.  Ideally there would be fields for these on the page properties layout and they could populate the template.  Here's how the relevant template code would look:



<meta name="description" content="{!description__c}">
<meta name="keywords" content="{!keywords__c}">




Can this be easily achieved?


Thanks for your help.