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Hi all--


I have what seems to be a simple problem that I can't figure out.


I'm basically trying to include in our lead score formula a way to add on additional points for every CTA that a lead completes.


As it is now, our formula only takes into account the most recent call to action. For example, if a lead fills out a free trial - they would get 5 points. If they next filled out a demo, then the score would show 3 points. However, I want it to say 8 points.

The field that we use is called "CTA most recent" and it changes everytime a lead fills out a different form. Is there a way to say in the formula, "If 'CTA most recent' is changed to ___" add 3 points?


All help much appreciated!


Hi all--


We need to basically be able to automatically assign leads to campaigns when they fill out our form. As of now, I have to do it this manually and this causes nightmares as not only does it take time, but there are all sorts of other issues, e.g. when I manually assign leads to a campaign, I create a report, filtering out by “Note” field, which contains the campaign identifier in it. But as our forms are set up now, if a lead fills out multiple forms, then this “Note” field will change every time they do. As such, if I don’t assign a lead to the corresponding campaign before they fill out the next form, then I will never know which campaigns they should’ve been part of.


I’m basically trying to set up a workflow/formula wherein any time the “Note” field (and a few others) change, the lead will get automatically assigned to a specified campaign in Salesforce. This way,I will be able to keep track of which forms they've filled out, which campaigns they've been a part of, and the ROI of each of these campaigns.


Do you know what the best way to do this is?


Any help will be much appreciated!